Movkin was founded by a group of like-minded professionals who has been in the vaping industry with more than 10 years of experiences collectively from all over the world. The company is currently based out of Shenzhen, China. The salesforces of the company are professionals from multinational FMCG companies around the world.



We own a workshop with over 3000 ㎡ and more than 200 employees. All the workers on the production line are well trained before they are qualified. These products sent to you will be checked several times such as in the IQC, IPQC, QC and OQC etc. Thanks to these professional workers, we can always meet our customer’s expectation.



Movkin is looking for business partners around the world, not just customers. We care about how much you sell as much as how much you buy. Our sales team will regularly visit, work and train together with you and your team to help you sell more Movkin products.

Movkin will work relentlessly to give you the most compelling selling condition, and deliver maximum value for you and consumers.


Online Shop

Our Authorized online retail store on Aliexpress running by Feelingtech will offer the end user the chance to buy Movkin Products. All Movkin products can be order or preorder from this online retail store.

Shopping now!!


Want to talk to us? Email sales@szmovkin.com


You can watch these review videos on Youtube
by professionals before you make the decision

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